Our three heated pools are supervised by certified lifeguards who implement age-appropriate American Red Cross swim curriculum. With daily instruction, your child will reach new milestones, demonstrate new skills with swim tests and graduate to new levels of achievement. In addition to a daily instructional swim period, campers enjoy a daily general swim period as well. Water slides and diving boards are especially popular!

As our campers grow, our swim program grows with them! Each of our three pools is designed for a specific age group and skill level.


With curriculum created by professional staff, we offer highly qualified sports instruction. Our camp philosophy emphasizes teamwork over competition, while promoting physicality with a healthy emphasis on game play and skills-building drills. Our sports offerings include: basketball, baseball, lacrosse, hockey, football, gaga, soccer, tennis and more.

For our younger campers, we provide an exceptional Junior Sports Program which allows your child to participate on age-appropriate, scaled-down fields, reach realistic goals and recognize accomplishment.


Adventure activities are staffed by professionals who are experts in team building and outdoor education, while simultaneously creating a safe space for exploration. The CJ Adventure Program allows our campers to reach new heights and gain confidence through physical and mental challenges. Campers are encouraged to set personal goals and think outside the box in both individual and group challenges.

With a 4-person Euro Bungee AND a Go-Kart track, Adventure is a favorite among campers of all ages.


Our CJ Creative Arts Program includes Arts & Crafts, Dance, Drama and Music. Arts & Crafts projects correspond with weekly camp themes and incorporate jewelry, bead making, ceramics, fabrics, sketching, painting and more.

Our Lego Room and STEM Program encourages children to apply their skills and imagination in fun and creative ways, such as shooting rockets, making slime, working on model volcanoes and assembling solar powered vehicles.

Engage on the creative side! CJ Creative Arts allows our campers to create and explore with new mediums and ideas. Bring home a vase, put on a play, build a Lego tower – the sky is the limit!


Through activities that promote “functional fitness,” which focuses on building a body capable of doing real-life actions, our children will acquire the ability to successfully and efficiently conquer everyday tasks and promote a healthy lifestyle for years to come. Activities include obstacle courses, strength building and fun fitness games. Every session concludes with a game to ensure that the campers leave the activity feeling confident, successful and with the notion that exercise is fun.

Campers will get to take on our Jacobson Ninja Warrior course. Each week the campers will learn to master different obstacles, with the goal of successfully completing the entire course by the end of the summer.


Cooking at Camp Jacobson encourages campers to ignite their creativity and experiment with age-appropriate recipes and utensils in our state-of-the-art kitchen. In our organic, on-site garden, campers learn to grow and harvest fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Campers have the opportunity to prepare meals as part of the camp day, stock the salad bar with camp-grown foods and make healthy choices that can last a lifetime.

What better way to learn the values of healthy eating than by helping our campers become mini master chefs? Our mission is to teach children the joy and value of cooking and develop a life-long love for the culinary arts.