Play, Grow, Flourish!

At Bernice Jacobson Day School and Camp, the needs of your child and family are our focus. Our daycare and preschool programs enrich the lives of children through play and exploration in a safe, nurturing environment. Flexible schedules are available.

We Offer:
Infant & Toddler Daycare (3-24 months)
Pre-School (2-3 years)

Our beautiful facility is home to an exclusive early childcare program for infants, toddlers, twos and threes. We value a close partnership with parents, are modeled on the system widely considered to be the best early childhood program in the world and are sensitive to the needs of children from diverse backgrounds.

Our program covers all five domains of child development: physical wellbeing, health and motor development, social and emotional development, approaches to learning, cognition and general knowledge and language, communication and literacy. Our philosophy is rooted in the commitment to promote Jewish values and ideals and the development of children’s abilities, with learning based on emergent curriculum and individual interests. It is or goal to make sure that each child is exposed to all areas of a well-rounded and age-appropriate curriculum.

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